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Smallville Fan Fiction Forum
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svficforum (Smallville FanFiction Forum) is intended for posting of finished works of fiction by authors, for the purpose of inviting discussion

The primary focus of discussion should be on aspects of the writing process (suggestions: by detailing your original concept, and how it progressed, what elements you hoped would get across to readers, what the hardest part of writing the fic was, what readers seemed to like most about the posted story, etc.)

Please post only COMPLETED fics for discussion in this community. No works-in-progress.

Please LINK to posted fics whenever possible, because of space and length considerations.

Please include spoiler warnings (for episodes) where applicable.

Slash, het and gen fics may all be discussed.

Please include story title in your entry title.

Please use cut-tags for lengthy analyses.

Please limit discussion to discussion of the posted fics. Refrain from personal comments to or about the posters.

Flaming will not be tolerated.

Moderated by: acampbell (amoss53@hotmail.com; amoss53@yahoo.com)

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Warning: Posts in this community may contain adult content. Please participate only if you have reached the legal age in your jurisdiction. There may also be reference to same-sex relations. Please enter only if you will not be offended by this concept.

Any questions, problems or correspondence may be addressed to the moderators listed above.

Community moderators reserve the right to amend/add to the rules and enforce them upon posting to the journal with an entry clearly marked ADMIN.