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Hi. I'm new here and new at writing fic. I've got two: the first one a take on Clark's personality from a small boy's POV (could be Ryan, but I wasn't thinking about him at the time) and the second a take on Clark's and Lex's personality from Lana's POV.

There's something about those eyes, you can't help but think, as you watch Clark Kent in awe. You're not the first person whose life has been saved by him, and you're also not the first person to be captivated by him, but the mere words, "You're safe now," can never justify how secure you really are with Clark. He may have saved your innocent life on the brink of death, but he has saved all of humankind by merely being himself.

He's normal, you think at first, and then you scratch that out. How can a person who can lift a bus be normal, you wonder? You see that his desire is to see you safe, to see that you have not been harmed, and to deliver you safely to your parents. Your small eyes stare fixedly at the man who has just saved you, and your ten year old self could never comprehend his gesture. When you grow older and look back on meeting Superman for once in your life, you finally realize how lucky you are. Now you smile and mumble a "thank you," seeing the complete normalcy that is Clark Kent. He makes you feel that you do matter in this world and that, like him, you may have a larger part to play in the future than you had previously imagined.

Before, you read your superhero comic books, thinking that a superhero must be bold, brave, and someone you could never even try to be. Now you know that a superhero saving people's lives is no different than you are, and you will always remember that it was Clark Kent that made you believe this way.

He was the one she always turned to. Why was that?

Clark made her feel safe, the safety she needed when the brink between life and death seemed to close with a snap. He was always there for her, the guy who turned up at the last moment and changed her life around. It didn’t matter that he was never punctual. He spent an enormous amount of time saving her life that mere friendship was inevitable. No one else seemed to care for her as much as Clark did.

Lana spent so much time at the Talon that she understood the distinction between business and pleasure. Maybe Clark felt that it was his job to save her life. What she felt he could never understand was that all she truly cherished from Clark was his friendship and perhaps, love.

Lana truly felt that while Clark put her on a pedestal, he only saw her princess charm. She felt as if she had her own personal bodyguard. But more so, that she needed one. Lana felt the glaring thoughts of others, pinning her to be helpless and weak.

Lana was surprised and a bit mystified at Clark’s reaction when she learned karate from Lex. She wanted more self-reliance and confidence than he could give her.

Lex made her feel normal, the normality she needed when the brink between perfection and madness seemed to close with a snap. He was always there for her, the guy who watched her tears and filled her with hope. She may never find what she was looking for, but the mere fact that Lex “knows” she will always gave her the confidence to continue.

Lana truly felt that while Lex took her off her pedestal, he saw her potential to be strong. She was equal in his eyes.

When she began to feel helpless and lost, he turned out to be the one she could talk to. And now she understood why.
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