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Futurefic drabble

Hi, I'm new, etc, etc, etc.

This drabble cane to me as I was contemplating Big Blue's moral compass. It's unedited and unbetaed, but then, it's also a drabble and so there wasn't much time for me to screw up.

The usual disclaimer: not mine, no money.

Responding to the pleas and sobs assaulting his ears, Superman burst into the room, only to stop abruptly. His face turned a bright crimson as two pairs of nervous eyes turned to look at him.

"I'm sorry," he gasped, barely able to get the word out. He'd been warned that this might happen someday. Lex had taunted him with the possiblity and he knew Lex's jibes were never empty. "I'll just leave now. It won't happen again. And I'll make sure that someone comes by to fix the door."

He left the same way he had come, as quickly as possible. The eyes staring after him were filled with amusement now, and just a trace of condescension. Slowly, their owners began to laugh, the sound rising from quiet giggles to an uncontrollable belly-laugh.

Finally the noise subsided and the standing figure spoke, "I don't think he'll be trying that again in a hurry. I'll make sure to pass the word around. Now, pet, where were we?"

Its bound companion replied, "four, Master."
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