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A Day on the Fringes (CLex, R)

I wanted acampbell's opinion on this fic and she suggested this community, so here I am ;-)

A Day on the Fringes
What's to say about it?
Spoilers for: SV second season, Nocturne
Rating: Slash, R
I 'submitted' Fringes to the 'Blow it with feeling' challenge, but only because that challenge came around when I was ready to post the story, not because it was inspired by it.
A Day on the Fringes

So what inspired the story?
Basically the unbelievable (in my eyes) developments in the (then) latest SV episodes.
I could not get over the fact that Martha started to work for Lionel. It just didn't fit. I waited for Jonathan to drop dead because of a heart attack, and we never ever even got a real angry fit from him. His wife was working for LIONEL LUTHOR and he wasn't talking divorce. *I* would have been. Anyway, two weeks (and I think by then two eps) later I was still not getting over it. My head was filled with things that should have happened, how people should have reacted, how this should effect the family, and Lex.
Finally I sat down to get it out of my system. I sat down to write a rant. And that's basically what the first part of the story is. A rant. I can't remember why I wrote it from Jonathan's point of view and not just complained as myself, but maybe I just had argued so often by then that it wasn't working because Jonathan wouldn't ... blahblah ... he hates .... blahblah ... you know ... *g* That it just seemed fitting to put it all down in his voice. Just to get it out of my head.

The Clark part was something else that had popped up in my mind inspired by the episode 'Nocturne'. It occured to me that Byron and Lana would have worked as couple, and being a CLex fan of course the reasons followed why Lana and Clark *wouldn't* work. A lot of arguments which CLex fans everywhere had collected for Clark/Lex and against Clark/Lana went into this paragraph, which probably makes it a little boring, since it's neither new nor really necessary for the whole piece. It's Clark's reflection about his love life or lack of and his slow realization of his true feelings.
The style I used was inspired by 'Buffy - the Vampire Slayer' because I always thought that the characters in 'Buffy' felt more like teenagers than the SV crew. So Clark's more babbling in his inner monologue than he ever did/does on screen.
When I wrote this part I wrote it for itself, just like Jonathan's rant I just wanted to get it out of my head. I didn't plan to put it together with anything, though I had a vague notion of working it into a story at some point.
It was only when I was finished and looked at the pieces and then at the page count that I realized how much I had written and that I didn't want my work to go to waste somewhere in the depths of my computer.

So I put them together, but it still wasn't a story, still wasn't anything really. So I wondered how I could make it into something. I hadn't written anything SV then, so this would become my first fic. Of course I wanted Lex and Clark together at the end. But how to get from a rant and the introspection of a teenager to that? That's when I started to plot and work on a story, and as my beta reader told me that's probably a good thing. I changed and added some sentences to the rant at the beginning, and made sure that Clark's thoughts would turn to Lex - though they probably had originally, but I can't remember for sure.
I really thought about the next scenes, planned what Lex would say, Jon would say, eventually Clark ... As it always does some scenes got away from me, so that I had to add some 'important' points later on, but generally I managed to get my story written.

Then the search for a beta reader started and it was driving me crazy, I looked some up in the SSA and the first one never answered, the second bounced, the third had no time (though she offered help to find a beta, which was nice ;-) and I was ready to give up, when finally someone said she'd do it.
This girl hit on every weak point immediately. Told me the beginning seemed as if I had just written it down without structure or anything, while the last part was well written. She advised me to rewrite the beginning or maybe even cut it.
I went into deep thought and deep discussion with my muse ... my muse won the discussion by refusing to co-operate. Meaning I had no idea how to make the beginning into a story, and since the rant was what started it all and was 'dear' to me, I wasn't ready to cut it. So the story stayed basically the same.

Something that might confuse readers is my use of tenses. Most of the story is written in past tense, but now and then and at the end it's present tense. When I wrote the story down I was always going with the idea that Jonathan is reflecting on what happened on that day *now*. That most of the story was a big flashback that would end at the last scene. The same with Clark. He too is in the present remembering. And some things - like loving Lex or being angry at his parents - were still true in the present as they had been two hours before. So that's where the present tense comes into the past so to speak ;-)

All in all I know that this story has its weaknesses as far as style and maybe continuity of that style are concerned, but considering that I didn't plan to write it in the first place I think it turned out pretty okay after all. *g*
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