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The Children's Hour (Pairing Clex, Rating PG)


Well here's my cautious foray into hopefully becoming a better writer. I've had poetry published in a lot of fandoms over the years but have not tended to do stories in long form.

I have however 'told' myself stories for years, it's how I get to sleep most nights. I also tend to dream in story form, one of my favorites still remains the one where the New Avengers rescued the Prisoner from the island. *g*

I was recently gifted with 6 months paid time on my LJ by some wonderful person. As a result I offered to do stories on request to anyone who asked as a thank you. Here is the one I did for svmadelynsvmadelyn, she wanted an alternate version of how Clark and Lex might have met, this is what I came up with:

The Children's Hour. PLease let me know what you think of it. Do you think it would be good enough to post to SSA?

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