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"I Know Not Seems" by earthseed

Here's the link to I Know Not Seems at SSA.

There are a two things of interest to me about this fic:

First, it's very characteristic of my writing style. Lots of dialogue, short sentences, sparse detail, the boys fighting. I'm having trouble writing anything else because I feel like I'm just duplicating this. How does one stretch themselves as writer? Do people like dialogue-drive stories? Or do you prefer more description-laden stories? Why the preference?

Second, I always work on the assumption that Lex knows Clark's secrets. In my world it makes no sense that he doesn't and since everything I've posted so far has been futurefic, I don't have to contend much with show canon. What's more interesting, to me at least, are the other problems that would exist for these two in a relationship. They have very different worldviews, relate to people differently. They come from different backgrounds. For me, Clark being confronted by one of Lex's ex-lovers from Met U would be a much more pressing problem for them as a couple than superpowers. But does shifting the focus away from the things that will make them the men they are destined to become (superpowers, political ambition, hero complexes, megalomania) turn Clark and Lex into any two guys? How much does the reader's knowledge of the characters, fanon, and canon count in this regard? Is it really necessary to remind the reader of Clark and Lex's history, to remind her about the alien superpowers and such? Aren't there certain assumptions we bring to fanfic that allow the author to explore other things? Are is that wishful thinking on my part because while I love to *read* about Alien!Clark and Lex angst, I don't really want to write it?

Any and all comments welcome.
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